Home Security Systems for Pre-wired Homes

(For homes that are pre-wired for a security system)

Pre-wired homes get ALL Pre-wired openings covered for FREE!
Plus choose either a 60lbs pet motion detector or a 2nd Keypad for FREE!
Most companies only cover 8-10 openings! Get more with ARMOR!

Order by TUESDAY, JULY 23rd, 2013 and receive
2nd Keypad Free or 60lbs Pet Motion Detector for Free!

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Level 1 Upgrades

Keychain Remote

Home Security Systems for Pre-Wired homes add a wireless keyfob remote

Sliding Glass Door or Garage Sensor

Home Security Systems for Pre-Wired homes add a wireless sliding glass door sensor or wireless garage door sensor

Vanishing Door or Window SensorHome Security Systems for Pre-Wired homes add a wireless vanishing door or window sensor Hidden Touch PadHome Security Systems for Pre-Wired homes add a wireless hidden touch pad

Emergency Button

Home Security Systems for Pre-Wired homes add a wireless panic button

Level 2 Upgrades

2 Way Keychain Remote

Home Security Systems Wireless 2 Way Keyfob remote control

60 lbs Pet Immune Motion Detector

Home Security Systems Wireless Pet Motion Detector

Photoelectric Heat & Smoke Communicator

Home Security Systems Heat and Smoke Detector

Glass Break Sensor

Home Security Systems Wireless Glass Break Sensor

C/O Communicator

Home Security Systems CO Detector

Internal Siren & Chime Expander

Home Security Systems Internal Siren and Chime Expander

Level 3 Upgrades

Wireless 2nd Keypad Impassa Only

Home Security Systems Wireless Keypad

Hardwired/Pre-wired RF Keypad

Home Security Systems Hardwired Keypad

External Wireless Siren & Strobe Light – Impassa Only

Home Security Systems Out door siren and strobe light

Copper Cop A/C Alarm System: Color BLACK

Home Security Systems Protect A/C Units from Copper Theft with the Copper Cop

2nd Keypad Free This week, Free home security system & install, A+BBB, Call 480-222-4444, “For residential three-year term of agreement, $33.99/month monitoring rate with maintenance: “$99.00 Customer Installation Charge. 36-Month Monitoring Agreement required at $33.99 per month ($1,223.64) . Cellular Monitoring (includes free cellular communicator $199 Value) $42.99/mo, Interactive Cellular Monitoring (includes 3g cellular communicator $299 Value) $51.99/mo. Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your checking or savings account. Offer applies to homeowners only. Local permit fees may be required. Satisfactory credit history required. Certain restrictions may apply. Other rate plans available. Cannot be combined with any other offer.”

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Premium Digital Keypad
This easy to use state of the art premium keypad allows you to turn on and off your security system with ease. It features a one-touch access with Fire, Medical and Police dispatch that is programmable by your security technician.
Free with offer


Door/Window Contacts
Protects doors and windows in a home invasion or burglary. ALL PRE-WIRED Doors and Windows are contacted. (See Wireless Systems Tab for homes with no prewire)

All PRE-WIRED Doors & Windows Contacted – Free with offer


Pet Sensitive Motion Sensor
This motion sensor protects an area by heat detection recognition. It will not be set off with pet(s) with a combined weight under 60lbs.
Free with offer


Optional Keychain Remote
Allows you activate and deactivate your alarm service with a push of a button. The panic button is used for medical emergencies and home-invasions.
May be added to the system for an additional fee. (See Special)


Optional Monitored Smoke Detector
This is a commercial grade smoke detector that uses a siren to notify you and sends a signal to ADT allowing the local fire department to be dispatched. May Be added to the system for an additional fee.


Optional Glass Break Sensor

The glass break sensor is for a window(s) that may be likely to break in the event of a burglary or home invasion. This sensor has the has new dual sound technology.
May be added to the system for an additional fee.

System Features:

        • CPU (The Brain of the system: 6 Separate Hardwired Zones, 2 Button Arming, Emergency Buttons for Police, Fire & Medical Authorities.
        • English Read-Out Keypad, with panic buttons for Police, Fire, and Medical Authorities.
        • Battery Back-up, system will still work for hours even if your power line has been cut!
        • High Volume Siren to scare away would be intruders.
        • KidTrack, the system can be programmed to page you when your children arrive home.
        • Window Decals and a Yard Sign to let everyone know you are protected. (First line of defense)
        • Duress – Hostage Code – Special code that tell us you are being held hostage and to dispatch help.
        • 24 Hour Monitoring – Through your standard home phone line. (Other types of monitoring are avail.)
        • LifeTime Part Warranty! As long as you are a monitored customer the system is covered.
        • Piece of Mind! FACT: 50% of all burglaries happen during the day or while some one is home.

Armor has been rated the # 1 home security company in Arizona for 7 Straight years. We have an A+ BBB Rating, and were the Finalist for the 2005 BBB Ethics Award!

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