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We have contracted to do installations for Able Alarm, ADT, Amerix Security, Protect America, Protection One presented by SRP, Safety Tech, Secure America, Watchlight Security, Westar Home Security, Westing House Home Security, as well as others. If we are good enough to do our our competitor’s installations, why not yours?

We are a member of the Better Business Bureau’s Care Program as well as the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, and we sit on the board of directors for the Arizona Burglar and Fire Alarm Association. We have been ranked the #1 home security company in Arizona for 7 straight years! In 2005 Armor was a finalist for the BBB’s Business Ethics Award!

Armor Security has given back to the community by supporting Feed the Children, Make a Wish Foundation, The American Legion, The Hacienda House and the March of Dimes.

Armor Security has participated with the Public Safety Committee, which promotes false alarm prevention classes for cities throughout Arizona.

Armor Security is the only home security company in the state of Arizona to hold free false alarm prevention classes for it’s customers and potential customers.

In February of 1996, Armor Security was recognized by the Chief of Police for the City of Phoenix for the lowest false alarm ratio.

Armor Security was a finalist for the 1999 “First Line of Defense” award for creating a specially designed alarm system that protects large commercial vehicles. Within its first month, this unique alarm system was responsible for apprehending a burglar and it deterred several other attempts.


Awards & Recognition
Armor is ranked number 3 by consumers in the
state of Arizona (January 2000)

The Arizona Home and Building Expo is the largest trade show of its kind in the state. In its eighth year, this three day event attracts thousands of visitors and provides businesses with an opportunity to attract new qualified leads to explore and expand. The Home and Building Expo is targeted to the commercial and residential building industries.

Ranking Arizona: The Best of Arizona Business is the outcome of the largest business opinion poll in Arizona. Ranking Arizona is based purely on opinion and popularity and not on annual revenue or number of employees. Instead, participants who vote give recommendations based on quality of product, service and who they would recommend doing business with.

The Ranking Arizona section of this Web site includes company names in more than 200 different business and leisure categories. All votes are tallied in August and the responses are then assembled and “ranked” according to their total number of votes. Our current survey will be published in January 2000.

Armor is then ranked #1 From 2000 through 2007 when Az Business Magazine chose to no longer print the lists of home security companies.
Armor is ranked number 1 by consumers in the state of Arizona (January 2001-2005)
Ranking Arizona

The Best of Arizona Business is the outcome of the largest business opinion poll in Arizona. Ranking Arizona is based purely on opinion and popularity and not on annual revenue or number of employees. Instead, participants who vote give recommendations based on quality of product, service and who they would recommend doing business with.

Every year Arizona Business Magazine ranks the companies in each of the categories, however they do not necessarily print the ranking for every business category every year. They do however inform all of the winners of their victory. In 2002 and in 2004, Arizona Business Magazine did not print the rankings for Home Security companies, however Armor was ranked number one for both of these years.

Armor selected as finalist in the national “First Line of Defense” Award (June 1999)
Staff Editor, SDM

When Armor Security president Jonathan Willis heard what kind of system was needed to protect R-Kay Truck Parts, his first response was, “Nobody makes a system like that”. Then he accepted the challenge.

Armor’s attention to detail and its ingenuity in designing the outdoor system are the kind of top rate service the First Line of defense Award was designed to recognize.

Created by SDM and he National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA), the award honors those that have demonstrated outstanding performance in deterring, detecting or preventing crime and/or loss through the effective design, use and response to security and fire alarm systems Armor Security, Phoenix, is one of eight finalists for 1999s inaugural First Line of Defense Award.

R-Kay Truck Parts owner Robert Kay wasn’t looking to buy a security system when he met Armor Security President Jonathan Willis at a home show. “We’d had some break-ins prior to dealing with Armor, and my wife and I were at our wit’s end as to how to correct the problem,’ Kay says.

Kay didn’t think a security system could help with his outdoor operation. R-Kay, a truck-repair business, works on units worth more than $100,000. Prowlers were repeatedly breaking into the trucks and stealing clothes, tools, radios-whatever they could find.

Willis and his team-installation manager Jorge Ginez, service manager Kevin Willis, and senior vice president of operations Stan Willis – came up with this idea: placing glass-breakage detectors on each truck’s seat. If there was movement on the truck or if the windshield was broken, the detector would signal a main unit inside the office.

To fine-tune the plan, Armor technicians experimented with the detectors to make sure they were set at the right sensitivity, taking into account wind movement and other factors.

Preventing the system from triggering false alarms was a challenge. “We didn’t want the police out there every 20 minutes,” Willis says. To address the issue, Armor first outfitted the system with an audible alarm to warn intruders of its presence. Although the alarm signal was not sent to the police, Kay would be paged and alerted of a problem. Once the system was set at the right sensitivity and false alarms were no longer a concern, Armor changed the setup to a silent alarm monitored by the company’s own central station.

So what did Armor’s security solution do for R-Kay’s break-in problem? “In three words: It corrected it,” Kay says. “We captured, apprehended and convicted a man and put him in the state prison. If it hadn’t been for Armor Security, we wouldn’t have been able to catch him. Since he’s gone to jail, we haven’t had a single break-in.”


(SDM Exclusive June1999)

Armor Security diversifies, enters mid- to high- end market with buy of Able Alarms

PHOENIX-After seven years of concentrating on the mass-market segment of the security industry, Jonathan Willis, proprietor of Armor Security, expanded the company’s reach by buying Able Alarms here in January. The deal marks the company’s first entrance into the mid- to high-end residential and commercial markets.

“I’m a firm believer you’ve got to grow or you’ve got to go,” said Willis, president. “The acquisition of the Able name was an important acquisition for us; we wanted to diversify.”

Besides entering a new market, the acquisition gives Willis a company with 26 years in business and a solid reputation. He declined to release the purchase price for the company, but said the deal included the company’s name, building lease and assets, including office furniture and equipment.

Able’s niche, said Willis, is commercial systems, such as CCTV, fire and access control. On the residential side, he said the company targets the mid- to high-end residential segment, with an average system price between $800 to $ 1,000.

The acquisition now gives Armor two branches in the Phoenix area, doing business under two different names and targeting different markets.

Still, Willis intends to start mass marketing systems through Able Alarms. It’s going to use the mass marketing to pay for the day-to-day expenses, then it’s going to use the large residential customer, along with commercial, to continue with a steady growth pattern,” he said.

Between Armor Security branches and subdealers who work for Willis, an authorized master dealer of Protection One, the company now averages 600 alarm installations a month.

Willis expects monthly installations will reach 1,000 by the summer. This follows the opening of an Armor Security branch in Columbus, Ohio, in March and the anticipated opening of additional branches in Sacramento, Calif. and Ann Arbor, Mich. Bob Layman partnered with Armor to open the Columbus branch, which employs eight people. He estimated within three months the location will average 40 to 60 installations a month.

“I feel Columbus has a lot of growth potential, “said Layman, general manager. “The city has a very strong economy.”

Willis said the key to his company’s success is expanding from within the corporation and offering employees the opportunity to partner with Armor to open a location in a new market.

“There’s a lot of talented people out there. A lot of them will come work for you for money … but when they have an acquisition opportunity, they’re more dedicated to the role,” he said.

Armor owns branches in five states, Ohio, Michigan, California, Arizona and Illinois. Between branches and subdealers, the company is in a total of 25 markets.

Armor Rolls Ahead As Pro One Master Dealer

PHOENIX-Armor Security Inc. in late spring opened its first branch office in Peoria, Illinois, and now as a Protection One master dealer is recruiting to or three dealers a month to use Armor’s mass marketing system.

The six-year-old business, founded by Jonathan Willis as a traditional mid- to high-end security company, has grown greatly since it began a mass marketing program nearly 3 years ago. Today, the company employs more than 125 people up from roughly two dozen just a year and a half ago. In July, through its office here, it exceeded 300 installations in a month for the first time.

“Out transformation from a dealer who sold primarily $1,500 to $2,000 systems came a few years ago,” said Willis, president of Armor Security. “We were contacted by mass marketers to sub-contract some of their installations in the Phoenix area and when I saw the number of installs they were doing I decided to join with ADT.

“For about a year Armor worked as an ADT dealer and then in early 1997 switched to Protection One. “ADT is a great company, there was just something about the Pro One program and the support they could give me that I really liked,” said Willis.

Apparently the feeling was mutual. Earlier this year Armor was named one of just a handful of companies to become a Protection One master dealer. As such, Willis’ company looks to recruit other security companies across the country and train them using his system to become mass marketers of alarm systems. “Basically what we do is open up our books to them and provide them with a framework to be successful,” said Willis. “Our job is to support them in any way we can.”

Already, Armor has recruited eight dealers into the program and is signing up two to three new dealers a month. The decision to open the company’s first branch office In Peoria, Ill., so far a field from the Arizona desert might not make sense until you discover Willis’ roots.

“I was born in Peoria and lived there, for a number of years before I moved with my parents to Phoenix,” said Willis. “I wanted to open an office in my hometown.”

Willis’ cousin Scott Clemons heads the Peoria office. It employs 14 people and just three months into its operation is already installing around 50 systems a month, Willis said. In addition to its Illinois branch, Armor has sub dealers in New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Maine. At the pace it is recruiting dealers, the company expects to generate up to 600 new subscribers a month between its branch locations and sub dealers under the Protection One program.

Willis hopes to eventually diversify his operation to include a wider variety of security services, including CCTV and commercial fire equipment. But these plans may not materialize soon.

“I haven’t had time to do it yet, because every time I start working on it, things pick up again,” Willis said.

Security system con raises alarm

Tribune Writer

Man sells plan, vanishes, police say

Elizabeth Valentine thought she was getting a good deal on an alarm system . Pay a little up front and see the goods a few days later.

After all, the salesman had the employee badge and the right paper work, plus he knew a great deal about the trade. But when the time came for workers to install the system, they never showed. Valentine had been conned and was out $210.

“How can you protect yourself from something like this, form someone who has the correct credentials?” asked Valentine, who lives in Apache Junction.

Valentine and 12 other Valley residents have fallen victim to what police believe is a scam being run over the past month by a former employee of Armor Alarm, a Tempe-based business. The man was fired for poor performance in mid-August, according to the security company.. He is being sought by Valley police agencies.

The man sells the alarm systems, collects the money, sets up installation appointments and then disappears. He leaves a pager number but never returns phone calls, said Chris Ryan, spokesman For Armor Alarm.

Rather than letting the victims fend for themselves, the business has been honoring the bogus sales. So far, the company has shelled out about $8,000 in labor and equipment, said Jonathan Willis, owner of Armor Alarm. Some victims, however, did not give money up front.

“Obviously, it’s not our legal responsibility. It’s the right thing to do,” Willis said. “When an individual with a problem calls you up, you kind of want to help them. You want to take care of the people. That’s why we are in security (business).”

The suspect contacted his victims by various means, including door-to-door sales and drawings, Willis said. That’s how he got in touch with Valentine in late September. She took her car for a tune-up at a Mesa auto shop and dropped her Mesa business card into a drawing box for an alarm system. The man contacted her about three days later and made an appointment to meet her. Valentine even referred her bother.

“I thought it was a very reputable company. I feel very violated, ” she said.

Phoenix police are conducting an investigation and have not made any arrests, said Phoenix police Sgt. Mike Torres. He was not able to provide more specific details. The suspect is described as white, 57 years old, 5 feet 11 inches, 200 pounds and with brown hair.

Other residents who have been victimized are urged to call Armor Alarm at (480)839-3333.